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Where to begin?

  1. Decide when would be the best time to move for You. Summer time is a busy time for moving industry, hiring a mover you want may be more difficult also higher rates may occur. Weekends are also more busy than weekdays, beggining/end of the month people move more than in the middle of the month.
  2. Book a move in advance as far as possible, that way You make sure You get to Your new place the date You wanted.
  3. When choosing a mover, ask your friends, family, neighbours for recommendations, also read reviews on Google, Yelp and other websites. Make sure You hire permitted and insured mover. You can check if the company is permitted to operate as a household goods carrier withing Washington State here.
    Flying Couch Moving LLC THG068382 USDOT-3122707
  4. Know Your rights, rates, terms and conditions for the transportation of household goods. Washington State Utilities and Transportation Comission provides a Consumer guide to moving in Washington state, which can be found here. You can find minimum and maximum allowed state rates here.
  5. Get an estimate from a mover. There are two types of estimates:
    • A non-binding estimate is an educated guess of what your move would cost based on the mover’s survey of your belongings. Your final cost can be more than your non-binding estimate, though in no instance are you required to pay more than 25 percent above the estimate and any supplemental estimate.
    • A binding estimate is a written agreement that guarantees the price you pay based on the items to be moved and the services listed on the estimate.
    Regardless of which type of estimate you get, you are best served by an accurate one. Show or provide the estimator with information about every single item to be moved, including items in the attic, basement, garage, shed, closets and under beds. Reach a clear understanding about the amount of packing and other services needed. Your can get our FREE Online Estimate. After You fill up this form we will contact You withing 24 hours with our estimate. You can always call Us at (206) 899-5321 and schedule FREE in-home appointment and we will make this stressful procces easy for You.
  6. After You booked a move start preparing! Being prepared for your movers arrival can knock upwards of 25% off your total bill.
    • Use a new boxes for packing! Make sure they are regular sizes. Regular sized boxes can be quickly stacked in the truck without having to play Tetris. Think you're saving money by scoring free boxes? Think again! Trying to stack all of your odd shaped boxes will actually add a significant amount of time to your move. Don't have time to pack? We can always help You. Let us know and we can pack Your whole house day prior to Your move.
    • Reserve parking! The closer your movers can place their loading ramp to your front door or staircase the better.
    • Reserve the elevator! Contact Your building management and ask them to lock the elevator for movers. This will save You alot of time.
    • Keep the way clear! Keep porches, stairwells, hallways and entrances free of items and junk. Try to keep your animals out of the way too. The faster your movers can maneuver around your home, the quicker the job will get done.
    • On the day of move show movers all items at the beggining! Your movers will load the truck with the strategy in mind and if near the end of the loading process You say, "Oh and there also is a barbeque and a patio set in the shed", they may have to spend extra time rearranging the truck to fit these extra items.
    • Feel free to contact Your mover! If You have any questions always seek for an expert advice.