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Packing tips

How long it takes to pack your home? It depends on many factors: first of all who is packing. 2-3 professional packers can pack a 4 bedroom house in a day while it would take you on average 3-7 days. Secondly it depends on how big is your place and how much stuff you have. You can pack a small studio or 1 bedroom apartment in a day, while to pack a big house might take you even more than a week. When it comes to packing you should think in advance. Always start early, start with packing items you don’t use in everyday life i.e. books, photo albums, stuff in the garage and the attic. Also this is the best time to get rid of old items you don’t use and probably never will. Here are some packing tips:

  • Use only good quality and regular sizes boxes.
  • Use bubble wrap and packing paper to protect a content.
  • Always tape and mark your boxes.
  • Pack heavy items into small boxes, light and bulky items into large boxes.
  • Always pack books into small boxes!
  • Use wardrobe boxes for hanging your clothes.
  • Avoid packing into garbage bags. They brake easily and cannot be stacked in the truck.
  • When packing your kitchen, always stack dishes on their side, never flat. Use good amount of packing paper to protect fragile stuff.
  • Take light bulbs and lampshades off the lamps. This will save you time on the moving day.
  • Keep suitcases light.