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About Us

What is “Flying couch moving”?

We are a professional moving company that offers top rated service to our customers. This company has been started by two experienced movers that have traveled around the United States and Canada for some time and had a chance to work for many different companies. Working in this business not only gave us a lot of knowledge in the moving industry, it also allowed us to meet great people. On top of that our physical health improved significantly because moving is an amazing work out! This gained experience helped us to feel confident to start our own business by combining all the best things we have noticed in all the places we have worked for. Seeing the repetitive mistakes that companies make we couldn’t miss this opportunity to create a better company that is more tailored to the customer’s needs.

Why “Flying couch moving”?

Since the couch is one of the most difficult items to get out of the house we know how to tell if your movers are good. Take a look how they carry your couch or loveseat. If the couch leaves the house in one motion, doesn’t get stuck and looks like it just flew out of the house that’s how you know if your movers are good. And this is how we found perfect name for our company!

Where are we located?

We are conveniently located in Washington state, South Park area (915 S 96th St, Seattle, 98108) from where we have easy access to Highway quickly connecting us to all over Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Burien, Beacon, Magnolia, Rainier Valley, Mercer Island, Queen Anne, Redmond areas.

Our vision:

To make moving a seamless experience for our customers and to create a work place where people would improve their physical and mental health.